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Framer Framed

7 Dec 2017
19:00 - 21:00

Paranoia Phenomenon: Open (Your) Data

During exhibition House of Wisdom*, 7 Hills Foundation is curating a series of events in collaboration with Framer Framed. The events are in line of the Paranoia Phenomenon project, which researches daily fears and feelings of paranoia around privacy, from the perspective of visual arts and artists in public spaces. The series of encounters aim to broaden awareness about the digital privacy gap, and to reflect on how digital media have changed our ways of living and interacting with each other.

OPEN (YOUR) DATA – Talk + workshop by Erdem Dilbaz

Within Artificial Intelligence (AI), we almost accept our privacy as open; as having no boundaries, as any machine needs to learn exactly how The World works without anything being unclear. In the next few years, we might see a world where tons of us feel comfortable in sharing all of our detailed personal information as if they were public domains. Erdem Dilbaz stands for Open Human (OH) – Open Human will be open for both internal acceptance of the self and external inputs of the environment. Is it imaginable that we will be set free by making our personal data public? These and more questions will be discussed with the participants of the event. The talk is followed by a workshop by Dilbaz, in which we imagine what a world without privacy looks like.

WORKSHOP: ‘Don’t think the future’
It is time to think about possible scenarios, about a future where the whole of our personal information is open to the the public. Let’s think together about this future as realistically as we can. We are going to imagine a world without privacy, to try and reach a kind of utopian world. Or will it be a dystopian one? Let’s imagine the social order between humans in this world, what if your worth is to be dependent on how useful you or your data are for the society you live in?

Erdem Dilbaz is founder of Nerdworking. Nerdworking is a network project founded in 2009, focusing on research and development to provide unique tools for artistic, commercial, experimental and interactive media projects for public spaces. Nerdworking works on an artistic approach to technology, one mayor focus of their practice has been to and create awareness and tools for the use of the internet.

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Paranoia Phenomenon program

7 December (at Framer Framed) – Open (Your) Data: presentation & workshop by Erdem Dilbaz, founder of network project Nerdworking.

16 December (at Framer Framed) Performance The General’s Stork by Heba Amin, followed by a conversation with Özkan Gölpinar. This program ties into the weekend program (16-17 Dec) surrounding House of Wisdom, organised by Collective Çukurcuma

8 January (at Pakhuis de Zwijger) – Evening focusing on the Paranoia Phenomenon project. With a presentation by Prof. Melih Krilidog on the role of the internet during the 2016 coup attempt in Turkey and a panel discussion on the internet, (government) surveillance and privacy with Melih Kirlidog and Marjolein Lanzing, amongst others.

On the project Paranoia Phenomenon
The Internet as today’s transparent public space, has become a new panopticon. Under the watchful eye of the big data corporations – and governments looking over their shoulders – we, end users, share our lives with our friends and the world. In our daily lives we are anticipating on our virtual alter egos and censoring our behaviour accordingly. We are limiting our actions and ideas with the rules of the digital space. Did the Internet of today bring us the predicted personal freedom? Has our concept of freedom changed as today’s digital technology seems to dictate our use of it?

Paranoia Phenomenon is a project that researches daily fears and feelings of paranoia around privacy from the perspective of visual arts and artists in a public space. Our curiosity lies in both social and artistic approaches and where they meet within this context.
This series of encounters aims is broaden awareness about the digital privacy gap and to reflect on how digital media have changed our ways of living and interacting with each other.

The event series Paranoia Phenomenon has been made possible with the help of Stichting Democratie en Media, Netwerk Democratie, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Framer Framed and 7 Hills Foundation.

On exhibition House of Wisdom
House of Wisdom is curated by Collective Çukurcuma, and is on show from 25 November 2017 – 7 January 2018 at Framer Framed. The exhibition explores the political significance of books, libraries and archives, specifically in times of socio-political turmoil, when increasing levels of censorship are instated. Drawing on the power of libraries as centers of research, learning, and sharing, and departing from the current political situation in Turkey, the curators decided to build their own library/archive, for which they invited 38 artists to contribute. Read more.

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Exhibition: House of Wisdom

Curated by Collective Çukurcuma (Naz Cuguoğlu and Mine Kaplangı)


Paranoia Phenomenon: Transparency and censorship in the social media age
An in-depth conversation on the use and abuse of social media in the public realm


Heba Y. Amin

Artist, Curator