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Framer Framed

17 Apr 2021
14:00 - 17:00

Hackers & Designers Meetup 1: Algorithmic Consensus

On Saturday 17 April Framer Framed will host the first Hackers & Designers (H&D) meetup focused on tools for decision making. The event includes a livestreamed talk by Angela Jerardi and a workshop hosted by platform WINWIN initiators James Bryan Graves and Nienke Huitenga.

Live stream link: https://live.hackersanddesigners.nl/

During this meetup led by Margarita Osipian and Anja Groten, H&D will be looking at consensus as a concrete example, and explore the potentials and limitations of consensus practices for community organisation.  Additionally, it will look into the ups and downs of algorithmic decision making platforms and technical infrastructures that are built upon the consensus model.

Angela Jerardi will contribute to the meetup by giving a contextual talk about the roots of consensus, as well as her experience of consensus practices in the context of large activist groups, for instance, or the Quakers. Following Angela’s talk, which will be open to the public, the conversation will take an interactive form with a smaller group of people, invited by H&D, who represent different self-organised grassroots initiatives. This second part of the meetup will be led by James Bryan Graves and Nienke Huitenga who built a digital consensus platform WINWIN which they probe in different contexts to see if consensus models could help to create a less polarised debate culture online. By testing this platform in action we will engage in a conversation and exchange about consensus – while using a platform that builds upon consensus.


1st Part: livestreamed from Framer Framed open to larger online audience
– 14.00 Introduction about the H&D meetup series on tools for self-organisation by Margarita and Anja
– 14.15 Histories and practices of consensus by Angela Jerardi (+ Q&A)

2nd Part: online on Jitsi for a smaller group of 10-15 participants
– 15.30 WINWIN workshop by James and Nienke
– 16.30 Reflection with Angela, James, Nienke, and the participants of the workshop


To join the meetup via the H&D livestream rsvp via: info@hackersanddesigners.nl If you are interested in joining the second interactive part of the meetup please specify that in your email and add a word or two about your interest in the topic (participation is limited to 10-15 spots).

About the H&D meetups

Hackers & Designers meetups are informal get togethers for anyone with an interest in technical and artistic explorations of open-source tools and infrastructures that are meant to facilitate collaboration. It will specifically focus on unintentional use of such tools and question them in terms of their durability, accessibility, openness, and creative output. What is technology’s partaking in collective organisation? How can we explore/build/hack tools that help small self-organised initiatives in their work?

Read more about this event via Hackers & Designers here.

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Margarita Osipian

Researcher and curator

Anja Groten

Designer and educator