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Accessibility and inclusivity in hybrid cultural spaces Hackers & Designers: Where is Every Body? (4 juli 2022) Accessibility and inclusivity in hybrid cultural spaces

4 Jul 2022
17:30 - 20:00

Meetup: Where is Every Body?

On July 4, Framer Framed will host the 1st Hackers & Designers (H&D) meetup of 2022. The first edition, Where is Every Body? will be oriented towards unpacking questions of inclusivity and accessibility in the hybrid cultural sector. H&D and Framer Framed welcome artists, technologists, cultural practitioners, system administrators, activists and anyone interested in these topics and we would especially like to invite disabled and chronically ill people from these fields and beyond.

Guest Speakers
Jeanette Chedda
Staci Bu Shea
Pernilla Manjula Philip
Vasilis Van Gemert

Cannach MacBride

Please sign up by sending an email to info@hackersanddesigners.nl.
Watch the event online!

Seeking to engage in an ongoing practice of greater accessibility, we want to direct our attention towards tools, practices, and methodologies that normalise expressing and meeting needs and support the creation of multiple points of access. We have invited artists, designers, activists and technologists from the intersecting fields of public policy, disability justice, design pedagogy, and community organising to explore questions of inclusivity, accessibility, and their socio-technical complexities through talks and moderated discussions. For more information about the event and for code of conduct  and accessibility go to H&D’s events page.

This event is free of charge, in English, and open to everyone. It will be recorded. The video and an access copy of the transcript file will be made available by H&D.

Sign up closes at 40 applications; that is, we welcome people joining last minute or without signing up, but we cannot ensure a seated spot.

The H&D Meetups are informal gatherings for anyone with an interest in in-depth explorations of the intersections of accessibility and sustainability of hybrid cultural work and techno-social life—the cultural, economical, ecological, and geographical implications of our increasingly complex entanglements with technology.

The graphic for this meetup was made by Menko Dijksterhuis.

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