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Framer Framed

Kirvan Fortuin. Foto: Marcel van Oostrum

24 Nov 2016 ‚Äď 10:30

Performance: by Kirvan Fortuin - A Festival of Project Spaces

Framer Framed takes part in A Festival of Project Spaces (24-27 November 2016), organised by K_nstvl___!¬†The festival¬†aims to highlight¬†the diverse collection of project spaces, art(ist-run) initiatives and platforms in Amsterdam.¬†A¬†Festival is¬†focused specifically on¬†the Amsterdam ‘project spaces’ scene.¬†Their goal is to generate visibility for these particular spaces in Amsterdam. At the same time,¬†A¬†Festival functions as a field research¬†into the different ways of exhibiting and presenting by project spaces.

Marathon of Openings,  performance by Kirvan Fortuin
Thursday 24 November, 10:30
Framer Framed partakes in the public ‘Marathon of Openings’¬†on Thursday¬†24 November,¬†a one-day¬†marathon that takes you past multiple project spaces in Amsterdam. Everybody is welcome to join in at any time!

Framer Framed kickstarts the marathon, at 10:30.¬†Visitors can view our¬†running exhibition¬†Re(as)sisting Narratives,¬†curated by Chandra Frank.¬†Furthermore we¬†present a live performance by South African born¬†choreographer and dancer Kirvan Fortuin: he will give a ‚Äėperformance response‚Äô to the work in exhibition Re(as)sisting Narratives. Fortuin created a new choreography inspired by the diverse works, themes and the exhibition¬†space. In cooperation with¬†Afrovibes Festival.

Kirvan Fortuin, foto (c) Marcel van Oostrum

Kirvan Fortuin, foto (c) Marcel van Oostrum

Full program

10.30-11.15am Framer Framed performance response to Re(as)sisting Narratives by Kirvan Fortuin
12.30-1.15pm¬†Plan B¬†Lunch + presentation about Plan B and the project ‘At home’ by Derk Thijs
1.30-2.15pm¬†San Serriffe¬†screening of the film ‚ÄėBlue Stone‚Äô and introduction to the new book ‚ÄėStone Dealer‚Äô by Mariko Kuwahara. Accompanied by Japanese tea
2.30-3.15pm Peer reading by Jean-Philippe Paumier
3.30-4.15pm Schatjes artists breakfast
4.30-5.15pm Kunstverein AN AFTERNOON AUTUMN SHOT, by Laurent David Garnier
5.30-6.15pm M4gastatelier a compilation of AIR projects in word & picture and a screening of Hollandse meesters: Falke Pisano
6.15-7pm fanfare fanfare as fanfare
7-8.15pm 4bid dinner
8.30-9.45pm Paleis van Mieris opening new exhibition (title t.b.a.)
10pm-1am Vondelbunker an evening with performances and interventions at the Vondelbunker: with Duiten & Kornuiten (presented by I am with Her records), a Mantra Performance by Maarten Bel (presented by MILK), echo+seashell and more.


South Africa / Performance / Queer /


Exhibition: Re(as)sisting Narratives in South Africa

Exploring lingering legacies of colonialism between South Africa and the Netherlands through engaging with contemporary artists from both countries

Exhibition: Re(as)sisting Narratives

Exploring lingering legacies of colonialism between South Africa and the Netherlands through engaging with contemporary artists from both countries


In Memoriam: Kirvan Fortuin
Memorial Celebration to commemorate the life of Kirvan Fortuin


Kirvan Fortuin

Dancer, Choreographer