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Framer Framed

Teresa María Díaz Nerio

Teresa María Díaz Nerio is a researcher, a visual artist and performance artist. Born in the Dominican Republic, Díaz Nerio currently lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2007 and received her Master’s from the Dutch Art Institute in 2009.

Her research often focuses on subjects informed by the history of colonial and neocolonial invasions in the Global South, challenging the Eurocentric and US centric notions of who is who and what is what. Some of her projects include the transdisciplinary roundtable and screening Be.Bop – Black Europe Body Politics (2012) and BE.BOP – Spiritual Revolutions & ‘The Scramble for Africa (2014) curated by Alanna Lockward at the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin and later hosted by Framer Framed, Amsterdam. AULA INTERGALACTICA an archive and series of three performative lectures in collaboration with Yota Ioannidou first presented at the Athens Biennale (2011), curated by Kernel. Her collaboration with Stefanie Seibold was presented at “re.act feminism #2- a performing archive”, Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria Gasteisz, Spain, curated by Beatrice Ellen Stammer and Bettina Knaup, where they performed Travesti de Sangre and presented the installation Matt und Slaap wie Sneew containing their collaborative work and Seibold’s research on Gina Pane.

At Framer Framed, Díaz Nerio gave a live performance in homage to Saartje Baartman at the round table discussion Close Encounters of the Caribbean Kind II: On Decolonial Aesthetics and European Blackness in 2012 organised by Framer Framed in cooperation with Non Employees and Kunsthal KAdE. Díaz Nerio was also a participating artist for Framer Framed and BE.BOP’s decolonial program Spiritual Revolutions & ‘The Scramble for Africa‘ on 24 July 2014, curated by Alanna Lockward. Additionally, she also gave a performative lecture for In Dialogue II: Questioning the Explorer on 1 Sep 2015, realised in collaboration with Stichting DOEN and 32 Degrees East: Ugandan Art Trust. This event was part of the public program for the Framer Framed exhibition Simuda Nyuma: Forward Ever Backward Never of contemporary Ugandan art.


In Dialogue II: Questioning the explorer
With a historical re-enactment by performing artist Xenson Znja.
BE.BOP 2014 - Spiritual Revolutions & 'The Scramble for Africa'
Curated by Alanna Lockward.
Close Encounters of the Caribbean Kind II. On Decolonial Aesthetics and European Blackness
Lecture and round table discussion in the context of the exhibition Who is more sci-fi than us?