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Reza Abedini

Reza Abedini

Reza Abedini (b. 1967) is a visual artist and graphic designer from Tehran, Iran. Between 1985 and 1990 he studied for degrees in design and the visual arts at the School of Fine Arts in Tehran and the Art University of Tehran. Subsequently, he has been working as a graphic designer since 1989. Abedini founded his own studio – Reza Abedini Studio – in 1993. In his work, Abedini often blurs the lines between design and art. He engages with his Iranian Heritage in creative ways, often through calligraphy and typography. Typography is an important part of Abedini’s work and he uses Persian language as both an aesthetic and conceptual element in his designs. Reza Abedini was a participating artist for the first iteration of Framer Framed’s exhibition Crisis of History, between 2 May to 28 August 2014, curated by Robert Kluijver.

Abedini has taught at several universities and institutions for higher education, including Tehran University (Iran), KABK/Royal Academy of Arts (the Netherlands), University of Art (Iran), and the American University of Beirut (Lebanon).

Over the years, Reza Abedini has worked on several publications and won various designs, including the Prince Claus Award in 2006 for the creativity of his graphic designs and his application and promotion of Iran’s artistic heritage. From 1990 onwards he has also been the editor for several arts, design and architecture magazines. In 2008, he founded orien+atiolab the Netherlands together with Paul Hughs. More recently he started the research group Dabireh, which engages with subjects like script, language, writing and design of Persian-Arabic types and letters.

Reza Abedini currently lives and works in both Lebanon and the Netherlands.


Exhibition: Crisis of History #1

Curated by Robert Kluijver
Masoumeh Mozafari, Heatstroke, 2 paintings 100 x 100cm. Foto Cas Bool

Exhibition: Speaking from the Heart - The Polemic Sensibility from Iran

Curated by Shaheen Merali