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Vesna Faassen (1986, NL) and Lukas Verdijk (1984, NL) are an artist duo, who live and work in Antwerp, Belgium. Their collaboration began with a shared interest in the relationship of photography with culture and heritage. Explorations of contemporary socially engaged art in relation to (post-)colonial, cultural and photographic theory led to the development of their collaboration. With a background in psychology and history, Faassen and Verdijk look into the historical connection of photography and its involvement in the production and fixation of identity, the politics of representation, and power relations. Vesna Faassen obtained a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Nijmegen (NL) and Lukas Verdijk gained a bachelor’s in History at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem (NL). They both moved to Antwerp to study Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, completing a Master of Arts in 2015. In 2016/2017 they followed the two-year postgraduate course at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) in Ghent, Belgium.


Book Presentation: Being Imposed Upon
An online conversation with Gia Abrassart, Anne Wetsi Mpoma, led by Bambi Ceuppens