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Domitilla Olivieri Domitilla Olivieri

Domitilla Olivieri

Domitilla Olivieri is an anthropologist, activist, researcher and teacher in the field of gender studies, media and society. For the past couple of years, she has been active in academic, artistic and activist spaces and has been involved for many years in feminist, queer and anti-racist and anti-capitalist militant activism.

Dr. Olivieri works as assistant professor at the department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. Her research and didactics are in the field of documentary film, gender and postcolonial studies, visual anthropology, media and cultural studies.  Committed to bridging the distance between academic and non-academic milieus, she collaborates with festivals, community projects, NGOs and activists’ groups.

Her latest works focus on documentary practices, time and spaces of the everyday, the politics of othering and mediated encounters, forms of social and political relationality and contestation, and rhythm in (documentary) media.


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