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Framer Framed

Emina Ćerimović, Ena Sendijarević, Arna Mačkić en Daria Bukvić. Photo: Robin de Puy

Bosnian Girl

Bosnian Girl is a collective of four Bosnian-Dutch women: Arna Mačkić, Daria Bukvić, Emina Ćerimović and Ena Sendijarević. Bosnian Girl campaigns for an inclusive historiography and commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide in the Netherlands. The name of the collective and the idea for the photographic form for Temporary Monument refers to the internationally renowned artwork Bosnian Girl by the Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić. The work is a portrait of Kamerić taken by photographer Tarik Samarah overwritten with text from graffiti from the wall of the barracks in the UN base in Potočari where Dutch soldiers were stationed. “No teeth…? A mustache…? Smell like shit…? BOSNIAN GIRL!”

Bosnian Girls’s installation Temporary Monument (2020) was on display in front of the Dutch parliament in The Hague and outside Framer Framed along the canal of Oranje-Vrijstaatkade, Amsterdam, to coincide with the opening of the exhibition From what will we reassemble ourselves.


Exhibition: Temporary Monument - Srebrenica is Dutch history

By Bosnian Girl


Finissage: Temporary Monument – Srebrenica is Dutch History
A tour along 25 portrait photos on the Oranje-Vrijstaatkade led by Chris Keulemans