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Framer Framed

Charl Landvreugd, Atlantic Transformerz Ile de Ngor (2014)

16 Sep –
16 Nov 2015

Exhibition: Common Ground

In Common Ground, part of the Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam, a selection of photographs that constitute the black European existence is presented in the downstairs hallway at Framer Framed. Artist Charl Landvreugd explores the plurality of black hues and advocates for distinctions in black diversity; This is a search that brought him to four different continents and various environment. This interaction with different heritages and experiences is related to the survey of the current (political) reality, mobility and transatlantic connections that are also apparent within artist collective The State of L3. The Common Ground is a space that provides a variety of Afro-European aesthetics with reference to Afro-Futuristic and postcolonial components.

Curated by Vincent van Velsen.

Shared Heritage / Caribbean / Diaspora / Photography /


Works by Antonio Jose Guzman

Exhibition: Ancestral Blues - Return to the State of L3

A research on a hybrid Transatlantic culture curated by Vincent van Velsen


Vincent van Velsen

Art critic and curator

Antonio Jose Guzman


Charl Landvreugd