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Podcast: Going Hybrid - A Deep Dive into Cultural Publishing and Programming

Listen to episode #07 of the Framer Framed podcast, Going Hybrid: A Deep Dive into Cultural Publishing and Programming. In this installment of the Framer Framed podcast, Ashley Maum andEbissé Wakjira delve into the future of hybridity in the cultural field. This episode features a lively discussion on Going Hybrid, a two-year research project exploring the future of hybrid cultural programming and publications in the post-pandemic world.

Ashley and Ebissé interrogate the concept of ‘hybrid publishing,’ a term that spans traditional, self-publishing, print and digital, and open access models in the scientific community. Ebisse shares her distinctive experiences in academic and literary publishing, contrasting them with her role at Framer Framed. The episode wraps up by examining event reporting’s significance in art institutions, advocating for standardised reporting, and expressing optimism for future research in hybrid event reporting.

Ashley Maum works at Framer Framed on exhibitions, publications and research. She also works as an editor at Errant Journal. Ebissé Wakjirais publications, magazine and podcast coordinator at Framer Framed. Going Hybrid is a research project into the future of hybridity for the cultural field initiated by Institute of Network Cultures (INC).

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