Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed


Co-Curating expands on the notion of art as forms of dialogical encounter and its relationship to the public and the political. Constantly reflecting the ways in which our physical and organizational structure is interconnected with a wider ecology, this topic aims to enact collective ways of working with different institutions and communities to facilitate spaces that engage with issues around historical consciousness, socio-political debates, artistic ecosystem, new media and digital archiving, activism, civil society, public space, globalisation and institution building.

Meme-ify: An Attempt to Dance Through Pain with Humour

Meme-ify: An Attempt to Dance Through Pain with Humour was a two-day online acction research program in 2020 created by HongKongnese artist duo Ghost & John and co-hosted by Framer Framed and Young Blood Initiative

Report: Meme-ify: An Attempt to Dance Through Pain with Humour

Read about the results of the online action research workshop. 

Art for a Citizen Scene Workshops

Art for a Citizen Scene was a series of online workshops in the context of Art for (and with) a Citizen Scene: A Look at Art Primarily Active in the Context of Daily Practices, an upcoming co-publication project between Framer Framed and the Willem de Kooning Academy.

These workshops created a safe space for dialogue and exchange within the online platform gather.town. Participants were invited to reflect and respond to issues of community-based artistic practices, alternative spaces, and the social role of art.

Click on the the title of the workshops to find out more about the publication project, set to release in Autumn 2021.

Art for a Citizen Scene 1&2: Hybrid eXperience

Participants were immersed in a virtual environment to gather, play, discover, and share ideas about the publication on the platform gather.town.

Art for (and within) a Citizen Scene 3: Doodle Lecture

Rieneke de Vries and Zoénie Liwen Deng will gave an interactive lecture with doodling, games, and shared ideas.

Art for (and within) a Citizen Scene 4: Musical Hangout

Online immersive workshop with Wok the Rock and Willy Chen Wei-Lun.

Now water can flow or it can crash, my friend

Now water can flow or it can crash, my friend: Fluid archives of active discontents from East Asia and beyond’ is a series of online/offline roundtable discussions, interactive workshops, screenings and lectures to explore notions of art, archive, and activism in the context of East Asia and beyond.

The series is realised in collaboration with ASCA/University of Amsterdam.

How to live life in a time of intense insecurity? A pandemic time, with a climate crisis looming and with populism, systematic racism worldwide on the rise? What can we learn from art practices and recent social movements hailing from East Asia to imagine a more sustainable future from our own situated context? The title of this program, taken from Hong Kong American martial artist Bruce Lee’s philosophy, reminds us that resilience and care come from fluidity, flexibility, and tenacity. In a turbulent time, we need even more so friends close and afar to make alliances for a journey in building a better world.

Launch: Now water can flow or it can crash, my friend

The digital launch of the series with an online roundtable entitled, From stories to communities, from arts to Hong Kong. 
Lin Kok Cheung Dalu
Michael Leung
Susi Law
 Lok Yee Wong

Online Roundtable: Curating Against Oblivion

A public program exploring curating as a form of resistance and remembrance.
Chien-Hung Huang
Dar-Kuen Wu
Binna Choi
Nuraini Juliastuti

Online Roundtable: Resistant Bodies

An online roundtable highlighting East Asian women's stories in sites of resistance.
Jian Woo
Wong Ka Ying
Hou I-Ting
Mia You

Online Filmprogramma: Now water can flow or it can crash, my friend

Selected films from mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. 
Films from: 
The Chao Family
Li-Ren Chang
Sungyeon Jeon
Hing Weng Eric Tsang

Online Roundtable: Live Together Otherwise

An online conversation on mutual help and collegiality in times of crisis.
Members from Dinghaiqiao Mutual-Aid Society
Soeng Joeng Toi
Reinaart Vanhoe

Online discussie: "Ultra" Kinship

A video essay screening and discussion on polymaternalism and alternative kinship. 
Members from the Chao Family
Zoénie Liwen Deng

Creatieve workshop: When in doubt, take a walk

An online exercise connecting the urban experiences of Hong Kong and Amsterdam through the act of walking. 
Sampson Wong
Yvette Lok Yee Wong