Ruben Pater – an Amsterdam based Dutch designer — has a mission to create visual narratives about complex political issues. By visually translating stories that are untold because they are sensitive or unprofitable, Ruben Pater aims to activate the public interest. As ‘untold stories’ his projects create new relations between journalism and design. His ‘Drone Survival Guide’ received wide attention in 2013 as an educational tool on drones, functioning as a political statement. Other projects are ‘the First Dutch Flood Manual’ from 2011, a research into disaster communication in times of climate change, and ‘Double Standards’ from 2012, a research about maritime trade and Somali piracy.

He studied graphic design in Breda, and later at the graphic design master programme of the Sandberg institute in Amsterdam. He is teaching at the communication department of the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Currently he is working on a citizen journalism project in countries with censorship, and a series of educational puzzles about the NSA leaks for the Dutch newspaper NRC next.