Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Photo: Maarten Nauw

19 aug 2023
16:00 - 18:00

Queer Open Stage: Act 2

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels. Voor het gemak van de kijker, is de inhoud hieronder weergegeven in de alternatieve taal. Je kunt klikken op de link om naar de actieve taal over te schakelen.

Framer Framed’s monthly public programme series Queer Open Stage continues. After a powerful kick-off in July, the second act is on 19 August. Join us for an empowering and inclusive programme filled with unforgettable performances and heartfelt connections. Let’s come together and create a space where everyone’s voice is heard and celebrated.

The event is free and in English. Please register via Eventbrite.

Experience a showcase by talented performers from diverse backgrounds. After the curated set, it’s your turn to take the stage! We welcome performers of all disciplines to share their talents. Whether you’re a singer, dancer, poet, comedian, or have any other unique talent to showcase, we want YOU on our stage! This is your chance to shine and celebrate the rich diversity of our LGBTQ+ community. Sign up and share your unique voice with a supportive audience. Register here to perform!

While the event itself is in English, performances in all languages are welcome. The event starts at 16:00 and ends at 18:00, so arrive early to secure a prime seat.

While we promote and support freedom of speech, our primary focus is to create a safe and inclusive environment where both performers and the audience feel at home and secure. Hence, we prohibit any forms of hate speech or targeted attacks on a community, group, or individual.

The event may be photographed and filmed. Please let us know in advance if you don’t prefer to have your picture or video taken.

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