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MAKAN Journal of Culture & Space, Manufacturing Narratives, Manufacturing Consent (2023)

16 Nov 2023
19:00 - 20:30

MAKAN Journal - Manufacturing Narratives, Manufacturing Consent

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A presentation of Manufacturing Narratives, the second issue of the MAKAN Journal of Culture and Space. The evening will include a moderated discussion led by Mayada Madbouly with the editor-in-chief of MAKAN, Ali T. As’ad, followed by a conversation on Manufacturing Consent in the context of the relentless violences perpetrated by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian population.

The second issue of the MAKAN Journal interrogates how narratives attest to the very essence of reality and truth, and how we as a society define (or choose to accept) those values in our contemporary world. Human life has always been deeply embedded in a web of narratives that have allowed individuals, communities, and nations to express the truths of who they are, where they have been, and what they aspire to. Entrenched within that framework of manufacture, of how those narrative ’truths’ are represented or perceived, are the issues of authority and of legitimacy; of the communal or collective commitment that firmly establishes the validity of those narratives within the realities they claim to represent.The presentation will highlight contributions from Manufacturing Narratives that examine the Palestinian condition. As’ad will present his own contribution to the issue, an Arabic language essay that interrogates the postcolonial futures of the Palestine Archaeological Museum (otherwise known as the Rockefeller) in East Jerusalem. The essay Reclaiming Palestinianity [from Representation’s Ruin] was originally commissioned/published by the Nieuwe Instituut.

The presentation will be followed by a moderated discussion led by Mayada Madbouly, which will contextualise the implications of manufacturing narratives towards manufacturing consent, a concept popularised by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman in their study of the political economy of the mass media in 1988. The discussion will address the international media’s reporting of both historical and contemporary events and how that continues to play a key role in manufacturing narratives and supporting foreign policy toward the Palestinian question.

This event is in English and free of charge.


MAKAN Journal of Culture & Space is published by Think Tanger, an independent arts organisation based in Tangier, Morocco. MAKAN is a trilingual journal that critically engages with contemporary architectural and urban conditions and with scholarship emanating from or focused on exploring the SWANA region.

Contributors featured in Manufacturing Narratives include: A. George Bajalia, Ala Younis, Ali T As’ad, Karim Kattan, Karima Kadaoui, Kenza Sefrioui, Lahbib El Moumni, Laila Hida, Maureen Mougin, Mohamed Amer Meziane, Monica Basbous, Nadia Tazi, Sénamé Kouffi Agbodjinou, Sonia Terrab and Soufiane Hannouni, and Yto Barrada.

The second issue of MAKAN is available for purchase in Amsterdam at the Framer Framed bookshop, San Seriffe, and Athenaeum Boekhandel Spui en Nieuwscentrum and at NAi Boekverkopers in Rotterdam.

MAKAN Journal
154 pp.
ISBN: 978-9920-41-646-7

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Mayada Madbouly

Socioloog en onderzoeker
Ali T. As’ad

Ali T. As’ad 

Onderzoeker, curator en architect

Hicham Bouzid

Creatief directeur, redacteur en curator