Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed



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Valiz is an independent international publisher of contemporary art, theory, critique, design and urban affairs. Valiz’s books offer critical reflection, and interdisciplinary inspiration, and often establish a connection between cultural disciplines and socio-political questions. Valiz publishes books out of a commitment to their content, to artistic and social issues and to the artists, designers and authors.

Valiz Foundation is a publishing house and cultural platform that aims to respond to developments in contemporary art, architecture, urban culture and design, in a varied and inventive manner. The foundation strives to attain this goal by making books about theory, with texts on visual culture (art theory, architecture and design theory, urban culture, public space, reflection on images from everyday life, artists’ texts), often from a critical perspective on society. Books that are conceived and created in close collaboration with artists, designers and cultural institutes. Valiz also organizes cultural events, debates, lectures, and so forth that are related to the above.

Apart from publishing Valiz organizes lectures, debates and other cultural projects in which certain topics in contemporary art are explored.