Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed



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Touch/Trace: Researching Histories Through Textiles unravels the intricate connections between textiles, history, and society from a contemporary art perspective. It explores how textile objects bear witness to and can transmit information about the time and place they were made in and simultaneously open up new perspectives on those histories.

Touch/Trace is a research project curated by Christel Vesters and brings together artists, textile designers, textile makers, writers and thinkers, and everyone interested in the social and geopolitical developments that shape our contemporary world. Touch/Trace looks at textile and textile techniques as a medium and as a mediator. It explores how textile objects – old and new – bear witness to many different histories and stories.

Touch/Trace consists of a series of open research seminars, the Events, in which Touch/Trace turns to objects just as much as turns to theoretical or historical texts to be our guides; the Readers which form a growing collection of texts, interviews, visual documentation, and other reference materials; the Lectures in which renowned curators, writers, and thinkers present their views on art and textile; an Exhibition with international artists reflecting on the themes explored in Touch/Trace, and a Publication.