Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed


Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English. Voor het gemak van de kijker, is de inhoud hieronder weergegeven in de alternatieve taal. Je kunt klikken op de link om naar de actieve taal over te schakelen.

Makom walk-in centre and clothes collection point was founded in the early nineteen nineties. A group of dedicated volunteers created a safe haven for homeless people in the Oranjekerk’s community centre. A few years ago, Makom joined De Regenboog Groep and now the walk-in centre is open seven days a week. Makom has a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Moreover, it is manned by a large group of volunteers and the variety creates a dynamic ambience. Makom is the venue for a wide range of activities, which continue into the evening. For instance, there is the weekly film night, an open mic night, when visitors are invited to recite poems, sing songs, etc. These evenings feel like little parties, points of light in lives that are often otherwise very hard. From the very first, Makom has encouraged visitors to become active, which was quite a novelty in community care at the time. Another example is our art suite, where people can create art in the broadest sense of the word. The Zuid urban district subsidises the visitors’ road-sweeping team with extra funds as they keep the district clean.