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Kenya Land Alliance

Kenya Land Alliance

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The Kenya Land Alliance formally a Trust and registered as an NGO in July 2013 was established to create an institutional mechanism to advocate for enabling land laws and policies in order to ensure secure and equitable access to land and natural resources in Kenya. Since its inception, Kenya Land Alliance has experienced remarkable growth. As a result of its activities, KLA has curved a niche in lobbying and advocacy for reforms of land laws and policies in Kenya. The participation and contributions of KLA to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Land Law Systems in Kenya (Njonjo Commission), the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, the Ndungu Commission, and the Committee of Experts were highly acknowledged.

In all the key land reform processes, KLA lobbied effectively and widely consulted to ensure that provisions were made that had direct relevance to the lives of millions of women, pastoralists, hunter-gatherers, squatters and Internally Displaced Persons, informal sector residents and traders (hawkers), fisher folks, people living with HIV/AIDS and those living with disabilities.