Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Photo by Mila Cavalcante

Thais di Marco

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels. Voor het gemak van de kijker, is de inhoud hieronder weergegeven in de alternatieve taal. Je kunt klikken op de link om naar de actieve taal over te schakelen.

Thais Di Marco (she/they) is a performing arts director and project coordinator specialised in art production with 16 years of practice in performing arts and cultural politics. Thais was teacher over 6 years, of projects at Brasiliândia Cultural Center, the only theater at the neighbourhood with one of the highest rates of state genocide in Latin America. Later, she shared her research in different contexts such as Ocupa Ouvidor, the biggest cultural squat of the Americas, in the festival Les Echos de Lobozunkpá in West Africa and at the space Bongah, in Iran. Thais studied Lucha Libre at Escuela Arena México. Her first artistic education in contemporary art was within social projects led by artists thinking about how art could play a central role for democratization. In their artworks, they present provocative, sensual, engaged and humorous art.

To get to know the artist: https://linktr.ee/thaisdimarco 


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