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Milone Reigman

Milone Reigman (Paramaribo, Suriname, 1979) grew up in the harbour city Rotterdam in The Netherlands. She played in different youth theatre groups: Young Stage, Rotjong en later on Dox in Utrecht.

In 2010 she graduated at the Directors department at the Amsterdam Theatre school. Her graduation piece Ten Onder, was inspired on Trojan Women from Euripides. At Frascati she created Tafra, (2010) – an investigation on Rituals of the occult Surinamese Winti culture. Within Productiehuis Rotterdam at the festival Kitchenette#4 she created the performance DEF! “mevrouw moet gewassen worden” a play based on the Maids from Jean Genet. This performance also had a successful revival at the theatre festival De Parade (2011). With actor Erol Struik they created the play Buigen voor mijn grootheid. She directed the music theatre performance Papa was a rolling nobody with actress/ singer Joy Wielkens and FutureShock for the Rotterdam based theatregroup Onderwater Producties. (2012).

In the Sumer of 2013 she attended the Lincoln centers directors lab in New York. She initiated the project Stigma at Productiehuis Rotterdam in fall of 2013. The play discusses the one-sided representation issues surrounding Black Women and premiered in the Krijn Boon studio in the Rotterdam playhouse.

In the winter of 2014 she studied for 6 month’s at the London International school of performing arts. A postgraduate movement based study. Back in the Netherlands she worked together with spokenword artist Babs Gons on the poetic one women solo, Bloeden op papier. In the spring of 2015 Milone proposes a reading group to analyze the content of the play Venus by Suzan Lori Parks.

From 2016 on she leads a youth theater trajectory at Likeminds a Amsterdam based theatre producer which have their focus on agency/ diversety and ownership.

In 2017 she was invited by the Cinars Pitch sessions in Canada to talk about her long term international project The Venus.


VENUS: the anti-hero hero
Interactief programma over de complexe historische erfenis van het zwarte en vrouwelijke lichaam.
'Venus' maskers, parallel aan de expositie Embodied Spaces
Door Shertise Solano & Ronald de Graaff. Parallel aan de expositie 'Embodied Spaces'.