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Framer Framed

Video still Landlocked - Maarten de Kroon Video still Landlocked - Maarten de Kroon

6 Jun 2014 – 20:00

Exploring the fringes of Europe

19:30 – 22:00 hour

FramerFramed at the Tolhuistuin
Buiksloterweg 5C
1031 CC Amsterdam-Noord

Free entrance

From Amsterdam Centraal Station
with the ferry ‘Buiksloterweg’.

Framer FramedSatellietgroep and European Alternatives together explore the fringes of Europe by making a program that discovers the borders of Europe from an arts and culture perspective.. The program evolves around the makers and their artistic practice while presenting their work.

This first edition is an evening dedicated to Moldova. Borders between countries are changing and at the same time countries themselves are also changing. With the current turmoil in Ukraine shows how relative borders and states can be. History gives and takes. Through the centuries, Moldova was intermittently not directly connected to the Black Sea, an independent principality, part of the great Roman Empire, Dacia, the Ottoman Empire, Great Romania, Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

This evening we screen the film LAND LOCKED Maarten de Kroon (premiere) where he researches the relationship between Moldova and the Black Sea. The premiere is followed by SHOES FOR EUROPE, a film by Pavel Braila and gives a demonstration of the differences in cultural and economic identity in Eastern and Western Europe. This film was shown at Documenta 11 and has given Braila international reputation as an artist.
Both filmmaker Maarten de Kroon from The Hague and artist Pavel Braila from Chisinau, Moldova will be present to give an introduction to their work.


Program surrounding the exhibition Crisis of History #1
Film, theatre, literature, music, debate, guided tours and art criticism.


Maarten de Kroon

Writer and filmmaker

Pavel Brăila