About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Tar for Mortar, a performative workshop by Comfort Ball. Photo: © Betul Ellialtioglu / Framer Framed

Comfort Ball

Comfort Ball is a gastronomy oriented art collective organised by visual artist, performer Bin Koh (KR) and Sumin Lee (KR).

They distort and twist a traditional way of cooking with Asian ingredients to formulate an alien scenery. This scenery speaks itself to show how they are displayed in western society as an Asian woman, finding parallels between being low waged hospitality workers and Asian women in western society that both are fetishised and alienated at the same time. They address this observation and experience through cooking and stress the gazes of fetishisation and ignorance under the name of ‘exoticism’ within their body politics. Their act not only manifests Asian women but also the queer and trans among us, the differently-abled bodies. Comfort Ball has organised multiple events, performance at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Framer Framed, Paradiso, NDSM nursery square, and Het Nieuwe Instituut.