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Salah Hassan

Salah Hassan is the Goldwin Smith professorĀ of African & African Diaspora Art History & Visual Culture at Cornell University‘s faculty of Art History & Visual Culture and is the director of the Africana Studies & Research Center. He also works as a curator and art critic.

Prior to joining Cornell University, Hassan taught at the art history faculties of the State University of New York (Buffalo, USA), the University of Pennsylvania, and the College of Fine and Applied Art (Khartoum, Sudan). Salah Hassan was an editor and author for several publications, such asĀ Unpacking Europe: towards a critical readingĀ (Rotterdam, NAi Publishers, 2001);Ā Authentic/Ex-Centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African ArtĀ (2001);Ā Gendered Visions: The Art of Contemporary Africana Women ArtistsĀ (1997);Ā Art & Islamic Literacy Among the Hausa of Northern NigeriaĀ (1992).

Salah Hassanwas a guest speaker for the panel discussionĀ The Colonial GazeĀ on 23 Dec 2009, organised by Framer Framed. He was part of an international panel which compared art institutions from several countries, and how they have dealt with their colonial past in exhibition making. He is the also the founder and an editor of NKA: Journal of Contemporary African Art, and serves as a consulting editor for African Arts and Atlantica. Hassan has been involved with several exhibitions, such as Authentic/Ex-Centric: Africa in & out of Africa, at the 49th Biennial of Venice.



The Colonial Gaze
On the historical preconceptions that determine our view of art.