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Robert Ochshorn

Robert M Ochshorn

Robert M. Ochshorn (b. 1987) is an artist, programmer and musician. Ochshorn studied computer science at the Cornell University in Ithaca, NY/USA. After receiving his BA in 2009, he worked as a research assistant with Krysztof Wodiczko in the Interrogative Design Group at MIT and Harvard. His background includes media and journalism, electrical engineering, and activism. In 2012 he completed a fellowship at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, NL, where he developed the open-source InterLace software that was used in collaboration with Eyal Sivan to create the web-based documentary Montage Interdit.

In 2017, he was a participating artist in the Framer Framed group exhibition As If: The Media Artist as Trickster, curated by Annet Dekker and David Garcia, and in collaboration with Ian Alan Paul. For the exhibition, Robert M Ochshorn presented his work: Tactical Recollections No. 1. Tactical Recollections is a representation of the Tactical Media Files. Two simultaneous approaches to the archive are intersected. Firstly, visual timelines are developed to view the material as if from above. The entire archive plays at once. Additionally, the archive is used as a starting point for conversations between long-time Tactical Media practitioners. Transcripts from these conversations weave through the timelines, giving contemporary voice to past actions.

Ochshorn regularly holds lectures and presents his works at forums throughout the world.

(information partly taken from Robert M Ochshorn’s Tactical Media Files page)


Exhibition: As If - The Media Artist as Trickster

On politically inspired media art that uses deception in all its forms. Curated by Annet Dekker and David Garcia i.c.w. Ian Alan Paul


Symposium: Vox Populi and The Syrian Archive
Public debate on the relationship between digital archiving practices and activism.