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Framer Framed

Rita Ouédraogo

Rita Ouédraogo

Rita Ouédraogo is a curator, writer and researcher. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

Rita Ouédraogo studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work as a curator, writer and research & community programmer is driven by her interest in the African diaspora, decolonisation of organisations, institutional racism, pop culture and social issues. Rita worked on various projects aimed at making museum collections more widely accessible. She researches questions related to cooperation and solidarity: how can cooperation take place in situations of power inequality, and from a decolonial point of view in particular?

In 2020-2021 Rita Ouédraogo was co-curator of the Hartwig Art Collection Fund 2020-21. In 2021, together with Metro54, she curated the project A Funeral for Street Culture for Framer Framed in Amsterdam. In 2022 December, she became the curator of Buro Stedelijk together with Azu Nwagbogu.


Project: A Funeral for Street Culture

A group project by Metro54 and Rita Ouédraogo hosted by Framer Framed