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Framer Framed

Rieneke de Vries

Rieneke de Vries is an artist and social and creative worker from the Netherlands, currently based in Rotterdam. Her visual practice revolves around the question: “Why does one person succeed in building a life and another not?”. Rieneke works in different contexts and in different functions. At this moment she works 2 days a week as a social worker in a neighborhood of Rotterdam South.

Rieneke is also co-founder and member of the social rebellious label We Sell Reality. We Sell Reality was founded with an open-source character. We Sell Reality makes products and installations and performs performative interventions in the public space to raise awareness about the migration policies of the European Union. The team currently consists of artists which are refugees in limbo, refugees with a temporary residence status and artists with a Dutch identity. You could say that Rieneke’s visual handwriting develops evenly with her social commitment. She draws visual lines between beautiful and ugly, poetry and practice.


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