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Noa Bawits

Noa Bawits works at Framer Framed as an education officer. She develops and organises within the education department the educational offer for primary and secondary education.

Noa is a heritage professional and has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage at the Reinwardt Academy (part of the Amsterdam University of the Arts). She is also busy with obtaining her master’s degree in Sociology at the VU University Amsterdam. Noa has experience in exhibiting, programming and education in museum and non-museum heritage institutions. As a heritage professional, she has a particular eye for participation, democratisation and multiperspectivity.

Together with Fabian Holle (PhD researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Noa initiated LIMBO, a project welcoming all queer individuals with a refugee background; a creative research collaboration between queer/migrant artists and community organisers, Framer Framed and Refugee Academy.



Presentation: LIMBO - queer exilic narratives

The final presentation of 'LIMBO: Engaged scholarship and queer exilic narratives'


LIMBO: Engaged scholarship and queer exilic narratives
A creative workshop series for queer, refugee and migrant community