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Na Young Na Young

Na Young

Na Young is an activist of South Korea. She is a co-founder of the ‘SHARE, center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive JusticE’ and a co-chair of the ‘Joint Action for Reproductive Justice’. She has been working for the decriminalization of abortion since 2010 when the abortion issue has emerged as a social agenda in South Korea.

She launched ‘Joint Action for Reproductive Justice’ in 2017, and founded ‘SHARE, center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive JusticE’ in 2019 with other activists, lawyers, doctors, and researchers. She contributed a paper ‘The Role of Reproductive Justice Movements in Challenging South Korea’s Abortion Ban’ to the Health and Human Rights Journal in 2019 with Sunhye Kim and Yurim Lee.

Na Young presented about history and context of a struggle for decriminalization of abortion and a reproductive justice movement on an International forum of the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion and webinar of inroad. Her main interests are in SRHR, religious fundamentalism, reproductive justice movement, and glocal activism.


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