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Framer Framed

Marijn Ottenhof

Visual artist Marijn Ottenhof (the Netherlands, 1985) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and is now based in London where she is currently enrolled in an MA in performance at the Royal College of Art. Ottenhof investigates social and political systems and our need as humans for rules and logic. Communication between people, groups of people or between people and products often forms the basis of the performance elements in her installations. In staged situations, language and sculptural elements are used to draw audiences into performing moments. Placed out of context, language becomes a surface beneath which other narratives are hidden. By using role play she disrupts existing structures to reinvent ways of relating to each other.

Ottenhof’s installations have been featured in group exhibitions at Framer Framed in Amsterdam (2018, Some Things Hidden), in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Nest in The Hague, Rotterdam’s Showroom Mama and in 2017 she was artist-in-residence at Beautiful Distress in New York.


Exhibition: Some Things Hidden

In collaboration with Castrum Peregrini, curated by Nina Folkersma and Charlott Markus