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Framer Framed

Lydia Markaki

Lydia Markaki

Lydia Markaki holds a Bachelor Degree on Theory and History of Art from Athens School of Fine Arts and a Bachelor Degree on International and European Studies with a focus on Human Rights Protection and Refugee Law from Panteion University, Athens, Greece. She is currently completing a Research Master’s on Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam and is part of the NICA (Netherlands Institute of Cultural Analysis) research school.

She was formerly working in the non-profit contemporary art institution State of Concept in Athens, Greece focusing on contemporary art exhibitions with a sociopolitical background. She is part of ESTO Association, a creative association in Athens bringing together design and artistic practices over current social issues. Her research interests revolve around contemporary art with an activist iteration looking into issues such as decoloniality, intersectional feminism, queer theory and collective curatorial practices.

At Framer Framed she is involved in exhibition production and public program. She worked closely on the exhibition Scattered: Hidden Narratives through Archives (2023) by researcher and curator Nesli Gül that looks into the interactions of visual artists from Turkey who settled in the Netherlands with the Dutch art scene, pointing into a possibility of a polyphonic narrative for the art history of underrepresented artists discussing issues such as migration and identity politics.