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Foto: Camille Zakharia Foto: Camille Zakharia

Louis-Cyprien Rials

Louis-Cyprien Rials (Paris, 1981) is a video and photography artist. He has  practiced video and photography since his early twenties while also studying drama. He lived in Tokyo for three years from 2005 onwards, where his first exhibition Koban took place.

Rials frequently travels and in his work there is always a focus on absence and retreat, the desert and remaining space.  He has travelled by motorcycle from Chernobyl to Odessa in 2010 and the following year spent three months on a journey through the former Yugoslavia, northern Cyprus and Iraq as inspiration for his work.

Rials finished his first experimental fiction in 2012, Nessuno. Along the same lines he is currently working on a project that borders between art and documentary, Holy Wars.

Since his returned from Japan, Rials has been living in Paris and Berlin.


Exhibition: Crisis of History #1

Curated by Robert Kluijver