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Framer Framed

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Lawrence Abu Hamdan (b. 1985) is an artist currently based in Dubai.

His work frequently deals with the relationship between listening and politics, borders, human rights, testimony and truth through the production of documentaries, essays, audio-visual installations, video works, graphic design, sculpture, photography, workshops and performance. Abu Hamdan’s interest with sound and its intersection with politics originate from his background in DIY music. The artist also makes sonic analyses for legal investigations and advocacy. His forensic audio investigations are conducted as part of his research for Forensic Architecture at Goldsmiths College London where he is also a PhD candidate and associate lecturer.

His previous solo exhibitions include venues such as the Showroom, London, England (2012); Casco, Utrecht, the Netherlands (2012); Beirut, Cairo, Egypt (2013); Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands (2013); Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Switzerland (2015); and Portikus, Frankfurt (2016) .

Additionally, his works have been exhibited and performed in institutions such as the Tate Modern, London, England (2013); Beirut Art Center, Lebanon (2013); MACBA, Barcelona, Spain (2014); M HKA, Antwerp, Belgium (2014); the Kunsthalle, Wien, Austria (2015); and Framer Framed, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2016, 2017). In 2016, Abu Hamdan was a participating artist for the Framer Framed exhibition Voices Outside the Echo Chamber in 2016, curated by Katayoun Arian, and the 2018 exhibition House of Wisdom in 2018, curated by Collective Çukurcuma.

His work was also featured at the New Museum Triennale, New York, USA (2015); Shanghai Biennial, China (2014) and Taipei Biennial, Taiwan (2012). He has been chosen as The Armory Show’s 2015 Commissioned Artist. Abu Hamdan’s writing can be found in Forensis Sternberg press, Manifesta Journal and Cabinet Magazine.


Exhibition: House of Wisdom

Curated by Collective Çukurcuma (Naz Cuguoğlu and Mine Kaplangı)

Exhibition: Voices Outside the Echo Chamber

Questioning Myths, Facts and Framings of Migration, curated by Katayoun Arian