About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Jack Segbars

Jack Segbars is an artist, researcher and writer, based in Rotterdam. He is engaged with the conditions, parameters of the artistic infrastructure, that define the politics and materiality of artistic production. The interconnections between the different positions: critic, writer and visual artist are mobilized as artistic investigation. In 2009 he produced the publication All Around the Periphery (Onomatopee) that deals with the overlap of positions and domains. In 2012 this was followed by Inertia (Onomatopee) a travelogue of visits to Palestine that deals with artistic engagement. Segbars regularly writes articles on art and art-related subjects including Metropolis M., Witte Raaf, Parse and Open! He is one of the founders of Platform Visual Arts (Netherlands), a platform researching the role of art in times of political change and austerity. In 2021 he completed his doctoral research at the PhDArts program of Leiden University, the Netherlands.


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