About the part that art plays in a globalising society

Framer Framed

Ghost and John

Ghost and John are a Hongkongese multidisciplinary art duo based in London, working across dance, theatre and visual art. From Computer Science and Biology backgrounds, they investigate how art is being received by society and is the tool to uphold the freedom of expression, utilising digital interactive technology to influence theatre politics.

In recent years, the issues of political oppression in Hong Kong has risen to international attention and became their main drive to make works that reflect on their perspective and archive this time of instability that we are all in. They focus on an experimental artistic practice that emphasises collaboration between artforms and audience experience. Through both the making and presenting of their works, they are constantly studying the post-colonial trauma of my city, questioning the cultural identity of being a Hongkongese and challenging new forms of arts.


Meme-ify: An Attempt to Dance Through Pain with Humour
Online Action Research Workshop