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Photo of Carlos A. Aguilera

Carlos A. Aguilera

Carlos A. Aguilera (b.1970) is a poet, writer and cultural critic. Aguilera studied literature and published several books of poetry, in Cuba, including Retrato de A. Hopper y su esposa (1996) and Das Kapital (1997). In 1997, he cofounded the magazine Diáspora(s), which during its brief lifespan, became the leading space for critical debate and alternative culture for intellectuals and writers interested in publishing beyond Cuba’s state-controlled media. Influenced by the works of Hannah Arendt, Primo Levi and Elias Canetti, his writings reflect on life under totalitarianism, not only in Cuba, but also in China (home to his maternal ancestors). Once in exile and based in Frankfurt, Germany, he published the collection of essays and poetry Die Chinamaschine (2004) and the novel Teoría del alma china (2006). He currently lives in Prague, where he teaches Spanish and literature.


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