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Framer Framed

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Barbad Golshiri

Barbad Golshiri was a participating artist in the group exhibition Crisis of History #3: Beyond History at Framer Framed, curated by Elham Puriyamehr and Robert Kluijver, from 15 March to 5 May 2015.
Barbad Golshiri (b. 1982) is an Iranian visual artist and writer, based in Tehran. Golshiri studied painting at the School of Art and Architecture at the Azad University in Tehran. He works in various media, including video, digital media, installation, photography, internet-based art, graphic novels and Lettrism.

Aside from his practice as a media artist, he also works as a critic of the current socio-political situation in Iran. Golshiri is the son of the famous Iranian writer Houshang Golshiri and Barbad Golshiri’s art is often language-based and contains evocative critical elements.

At Framer Framed, Golshiri was also a guest speaker for the evening Narrative on Iran, organised in collaboration with Cineblend and Dancing on the Edge, to accompany the Crisis of History #3. For his project Hollowed Grounds Barbad Golshiri invited artists, writers and critics to reflect on the use of designated terms such as ‘the Arab World’, ‘the Islamic World’ and ‘the Middle East’. He proposed the temporary abolishment of these empty and floating signifiers and the ideological grounds they are based on to see what befalls their arguments.


Exhibition: Crisis of History #3 - Beyond History

Curated by Robert Kluiver and Elham Puriyamehr


Narratives on Iran
An evening in collaboration with Cineblend and Dancing on the Edge.