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Framer Framed

Atousa Bandeh

Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi

Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi (b. 1968) is an Iranian visual artist and filmmaker. After her studies in physics and astronomy, she studied visual arts from 1992 to 1995 at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen and received her MFA in 2002 at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, graduating in video and film. Bandeh has had  exhibitions of her work at Art Rotterdam (2015) and IFFR (2013) and in institutes such as the Azad Gallery in Teheran and the Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem. In 2011 she received the Netpac award during IFFR for best Asian film for her work, The Day I Disappeared. Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadiwas a participating artist in the Framer Framed group exhibition What We Have Overlooked in 2016, curated by Mirjam Westen.

Since 2012, Bandeh has also worked as a lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Zanele Muholi - Miss D'vine I (2007), collectie Museum Arnhem

Exhibition: What We Have Overlooked

A collection presentation of Museum Arnhem, curated by Mirjam Westen


Event: Farewell to the hermetic monoculture
Lecture by curator Mirjam Westen on the rol of art institutions in a rapidly changing global context.