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Framer Framed

Arthur Chaves - 'Untitled' (2022), 'The Silence of Tired Tongues'. © Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed

Arthur Chaves

Arthur Chaves’ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1986) artworks combine craftsmanship and sewing in pieces without rigid form, which try to articulate negotiations with space. Using textiles, plastic, clothes and other materials, the creations take place on the spectrum between the unfinished, completed, in process and in constant transformation.

Arthur Chaves is one of the artists of the exhibition The Silence of Tired Tongues (2022) curated by Raphael Fonseca which takes place from 24 April to 21 August 2022 at Framer Framed, Amsterdam.

Opening ‘The Silence of Tired Tongues’ (2021), Curator Raphael Fonseca and the artists © Maarten Nauw / Framer Framed


Image for the exhibition The silence of tired tongues at Framer Framed

Exhibition: The Silence of Tired Tongues

Contemporary Art & Brazil


Opening: The Silence of Tired Tongues
With Julia Arbex, Aline Baiana, Arthur Chaves, Vitória Cribb, Benedito Ferreira, Estêvão Parreiras, Luana Vitra & Raphael Fonseca