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Anne van Leeuwen

Anne van Leeuwen

Anne van Leeuwen (1987) initiated Nieuwe symbiose to work on a fundamental and regenerative integration of nature and culture. She studied art history, cultural analysis and a year of biology. In 2013, she worked at ARTIS on a museum about the relationship between man and nature in the Anthropocene. Later she worked as a content developer, project coordinator education, chair of the art committee and member of the ARTIS-Kring advisory committee.

Since 2018, she has been a board member at the Embassy of the North Sea. She researches and builds together with scientists, artists and policymakers new ways of representing nonhumans, and the relations between humans and nonhumans, in and around the North Sea. In 2020, she founded Bodemzicht (soil perspective), a regenerative demonstration farm and learning, with her partner Ricardo Cano Mateo.


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