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Framer Framed

Raad voor Cultuur

Advice Dutch Culture Council: Framer Framed in BIS subsidy plan

Framer Framed is extremely happy with the positive advice from the Dutch Council for Culture (Raad voor Cultuur) regarding the BIS subsidy application. The advice to the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, released 15 August 2016, is to grant Framer Framed a place in the four year “BIS” (basic infrastructure) government subsidy plan in the field of Culture, for 2017-2020.

The Council feels that Framer Framed presents clear, attainable goals for the upcoming years. It argues that in the last period, Framer Framed has shown an innovative approach to presenting art. Moreover, the Council praises the fact that Framer Framed is aware of the importance of relating to today’s culturally diverse society.

We could not be more pleased with this amazing result, which comes just a few weeks after another positive advice for subsidy from the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Art). This means the world to us and we are very committed to live up to the task and responsibility of presenting an innovative, inclusive and critical program of exhibitions, projects and events in the upcoming years. We are grateful to the advisors and to all who have shown continuous support for, and confidence in, Framer Framed.

On Prinsjesdag, 20 September 2016, the Minister will present her final decisions on which organisations are to be included in the BIS subsidy.