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The Game of British Empire, or Trading with the Colonies, c. 1914-1930

The Colonial Legacy Conference

The Colonial Legacy Conference (Universiteit Utrecht, 21-22 juni, 2013) links the commemoration of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, to the abolition of Slavery by the Dutch in 1863. Over the course of two days, distinguished academics such as Paul Gilroy, Achille Mbembe and Catherine Hall will delve into the legacy of the Treaty of Utrecht, the history of slavery, the state of slavery today and the connections between them. The conference will take you from history and philosophy, to anthropology and post-colonialism, transnational memories and transitional justice. In a great number of interdisciplinary lectures and panels, scholars will examine the lasting legacy of slavery and the persistent presence of human trafficking in the contemporary world. This programme is brought to you in collaboration with Utrecht Province, Treaty of Utrecht Foundation, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Descartes Centre, the University Research Focus Area Cultures & Identities and the Research Institute for History and Culture.

The video archive can be found here

Rutvica Andreijasevic
Kevin Bales
Elazar Barkan
Rosi Braidotti
Esther Captain
Jolle Demmers
Paulla Ebron
Philomena Essed
Patrick Eyres
Paul Gilroy
Catherine Hall
Achille Mbembe
Wijnandt Mijnhardt
Geert Oostindie
Maarten Prak
Ann Rigney
Michael Rothberg
Francoise Vergés

Koloniale geschiedenis / Slavernij /


Esther Captain