Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

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Exhibition: Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Designs in MMKA (2012) Foto: Marc Pluim

Symposium: Art Across Frontiers - Cross-Cultural Encounters in America

The international two-day symposium Art Across Frontiers. Cross-Cultural Encounters in America (2011) explores the impact of migration on the visual arts in America by examining specific periods, group encounters and locales where cross-cultural exchange was most intense.

A series of invited speakers will discuss cross-cultural encounters between Euro-Americans, Native Americans, African Americans and Latinos in the visual arts, as well as cross-border relations between the art of the United States and the visual cultures of the Americas from the
colonial period to the present.

By bringing together US and UK scholars from a range of fields and disciplines (art history and theory, history, anthropology, Latin American studies and American studies), this event considers different regional and historical models of cultural crossover and aesthetic
experimentation, and seeks to place these in comparative perspective.

The symposium will feature several keynote lectures and a series of themed panel sessions on the following:

Representations of indigenous peoples in North America and Mexico since the 18C; African American and African diaspora art; Latina/o identity and Spanish Colonial art; African American modernism and experimental abstraction; transculturation, photography, and filmmaking in
contemporary Cuban American and Native American art.

Confirmed Speakers

• Jacqueline Francis (California College of the Arts, San Francisco) KEYNOTE
• Elizabeth Hutchinson (Barnard College/Columbia University) KEYNOTE
• Mick Gidley (University of Leeds)
• Stephanie Lewthwaite (University of Nottingham)
• Graham Lock (University of Nottingham)
• Courtney J Martin (Vanderbilt University, Tennessee)
• Martin Padget (Aberystwyth University)
• Natasha Picot (University of Nottingham)
• Joy Porter (University of Swansea)
• Stephanie Schwartz (University College, London)
• Sara Wood (University of Birmingham)


The symposium will take place at the University of Nottingham on the main University Park campus. University of Nottingham, University Park, UK, April 27-28, 2011

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