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Monday November 24th, 20.00 - 22.00

On Monday 24th of November Framer Framed will present a debate on the ‘Collectie Nederland’ in the framework of the globalizing society. This..

hard//hoofd festival & Framer Framed

Encounter with Roel Arkesteijn

On the 23rd of November, Framer Framed hosts an encounter with Roel Arkesteijn during the hard//hoofd festival..

Gerilja Talks: Nancy Jouwe x Black Women in the Dutch Arts Scene

On the valuable contributions that Black women have made to the Dutch arts scene

iris kensmil
We would like to invite you to our upcoming event ‘Gerilja Talks: Nancy Jouwe x Black Women in the Dutch Arts Scene’. This first talk is part of gerilja/kurating's new concept Gerilja Talks; a pop up platform that offers critical talks and discussion on issues relating to art, gender and race. We have the pleasure and honor to kick off with researcher..

Exhibition: Costume Bureau

Curated by Roel Arkesteijn

Mark Dion, Costume Bureau
In October and November 2014 Framer Framed will feature an important part of the contemporary art collection of Museum Het Domein from Sittard in its exhibition space at the Tolhuistuin. The exhibition has been named after the key artwork of the American artists Mark Dion (New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1961): Costume Bureau. Through this..

Review: What’s left of the modernist dream?

A review about the exhibition 'Crisis of History' by Aya Johanna Daniëlle Dürst Britt

Foto: Bart Heemskerk
The exhibition Welcome to the End of History features multimedial work by young and aspiring artists from the tremendously challenged Middle East. Main theme: modernism, or, rather, what remains of it.

Exhibition: Maydan – Hundred Portraits

100 Faces of the Ukrainian revolution by Emeric Lhuisset

The portrait series with interviews puts a face to the protest movements in Kiev.