Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

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Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology

Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology

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Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology is a platform for planetary becomings. The Laboratory works with the embodied, theoretical and political implications of global, but unequally distributed environmental breakdown in response to multispecies worlds in urgent need of regeneration and care. The Laboratory also facilitates a myriad of multidisciplinary events, exhibitions, workshops and symposia across landscapes, disciplines, contexts and histories spanning from rural spaces, festival sites, ocean shores, boats, academic- and exhibition spaces and more. Their methods are experimental and flow through and across genres aiming for long durational, cross-pollinating knowledge productions in conversation with many partners.

The Laboratory strives to facilitate openings for the mourning of past, present and future worlds lost, while also holding space for radical joy, insurgent play and modest hope – guided by intersectional feminism that is anti-capitalist and anti-racist – driven by the urgent need to cultivate practices for soft resistance. It works towards the composing of collectives, resilient and vulnerable and intergenerational, in the ambition to imagine and co-create liveable worlds otherwise.

The Laboratory also runs a small press that publishes and translates work that shares, extends, supports and forms thinking. The publications explore intersections and crossings between the poetic and the academic, the affective and the scientific, the personal and the political.