Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Josh Milani

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Josh Milani is a Meanjin/Brisbane based gallerist with a particular interest in post-conceptual, indigenous, feminist, queer and activist art practices. Trained in art history at the University of Qld, since 2003, Milani has expanded his gallery’s interest in the legacy of conceptual art and its confluence with Aboriginal aesthetics and activism for which Meanjin/Brisbane has become a crucial site within the Australian cultural context. Milani has represented artists and produced projects in various major exhibitions and international Biennales including the past three iterations of Documenta: Gordon Bennett and Khadim Ali in Documenta 13 (2012), Gordon Hookey, Bonita Ely and  D Harding in Documenta 14 (2017), and Richard Bell and Tania Bruguera in Documenta 15 (2022).

In addition to his work representing Australian artists, he supports work which has a cultural connection to his gallery’s artists and philosophy, including projects with Adrian Piper, Anna Boghiguian, Tania Bruguera, Art & Language and the Black Panthers’ Minister for Culture, Emory Douglas. Recently he co-produced the documentary film You Can Go Now on the life and art of Richard Bell and he worked closely with Bell supporting his presentation of Embassy at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall in May/June 2023. He is currently working with Taring Padi on a large scale Meanjin/Brisbane based project in March 2024 which will be hosted by the Griffith University Art Museum.




Rondetafelgesprek: Tanah Merdeka
Rondetafelgesprek met onderzoekers en curatoren van verschillende kunstmusea en -instellingen in het perspectief van Taring Padi's tentoonstelling, Tanah Merdeka.