Over de rol van kunst in een globaliserende samenleving

Framer Framed

Inês Beleza Barreiros

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Inês Beleza Barreiros is an art historian, cultural critic and curator working both inside and outside the academia. She is interested in the ways in which images migrate through time and space and are knowledge-producing objects, on the afterlives of colonialism and reparation processes in the Portuguese speaking world. Barreiros is currently a researcher at ICNOVA, Nova University of Lisbon, where she is also national committee manager of Cost Action TRACTS – Traces as Research Agenda for Climate Change, Technology Studies, and Social Justice. Editor at La Rampa – Art, Life & Beyond, she has been working in award winning documentary films that explore the relation of cinema to other arts, such as painting, landscape, and architecture. Barreiros holds a PhD in Media, Culture and Communication Studies from New York University, an MA in Contemporary Art History from Nova University of Lisbon, and a BA in History and Art History from the University of Lisbon. Her several publications include articles in international academic journals and book chapters. She is the author of the academic monograph “Sob o Olhar de Deuses sem Vergonha:” Cultura Visual e Paisagens Contemporâneas (2009) and is presently preparing the book manuscript Thinking Visually: The Afterlives of Portuguese Imperialism.


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