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Modeschoot - 100% Heerlen naar aanleiding van Het Jaar van de Mijn (2015) Foto: Luclodder Fotografie

6 Jul –
14 Jul 2015

Pop-up Shop: MINEshop, MINEcollection during Amsterdam Fashion Week

Dates 6 – 14th July 2015: MINEshop & MINEcollection open 14.00 – 22.00 uur 8th July: special program, 12:00 – 22.00 Location IJzaal in the Tolhuistuin Reservations July 8th reserveren@framerframed.nl


July 6h – July 14th 2015: MIJNshop & MIJNcollectie

For ‘Jaar van de Mijnen’ (Year of the Mines) three designers from the Dutch province Zuid-Limburg, Linda FriesenEbby Port en Gabriel Guevara, will present their contemporary interpretations of miners’ clothing. This event coincides with Amsterdam Fashion Week. The MIJNcollectie (MINEcollection) consists of five unique haute couture designs and a prêt-à-porter collection. All pieces are an interpretation of original miners’ clothing and are inspired by one of the cultural communities historically present in the mines (Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Spain and Friesland). Youngsters of the organisation 100% Heerlen used a simplified, more wearable design to create 10 unique pieces, which will be for sale in the temporary MINEshop, from July 6h to July 14th in the Ijzaal at Framer Framed.

July 8th: special event in the Ijzaal, Tolhuistuin, (to the left when facing the Framer Framed exhibition space) (please note: this event will be in DUTCH)

Fashion is alive on the streets, in the media and in many other aspects of our society. Our clothing choices reflect stories about who we are. During MIJNshop and MIJNcollectie, we are hosting an extra program on July 8th. We will focus on fashion, identity and sustainability in active as well as reflective ways.

14:00 – 17:30: DIY afternoon with the youngsters from 100% Heerlen: printing ‘miners textiles’.
19.00 – 22.00: Panel discussion on the connection between clothes and identity. The guests: stylist Majid Karrouch, Willa Stoutenbeek (W. Green), Ikram El Messaoudi and the designers of the MINEcollection: Linda Friesen, Ebby Port en Gabriel Guevara.

From 14.00 to 17.30 a group of youngsters from 100% Heerlen will collaborate with visitors to print ‘miners textiles’. Subsequently, from 19.00 to 22.00 we are hosting a panel discussion with interesting speakers rooted in the fashion world. The speakers are stylist Majid Karrouch, Willa Stoutenbeek (W. Green) and designer/illustrator Ikram El Messaoudi . They will reflect on the relationship between fashion, identity, society and the past. These topics will be approached from the speakers’ own backgrounds and from the framework of the intercultural mining history of Limburg. The Netherlands. Central to the discussions are a range of questions, such as: what is the relationship between clothes and identity? In what ways does a multicultural society influence new fashion trends? How do people instrumentalize fashion in order to express their collective and individual identities? In what ways do environments and histories serve as inspiration? Additionally, the designers of the MINEcollection, Linda Friesen, Ebby Port en Gabriel Guevara, will also be present and tell us a bit more about their designs on show during the Pop-up Shop til 14th July in the Ijzaal.

Léon Kruijswijk from Framer Framed will moderate the discussion.

Reservations for July 8th

Extractivism /


Exhibition: Koempels

50 years since the closing of the mines in the South of The Netherlands, we present the lingering traces of this fossil fuel era on contemporary art. Curator: Lene ter Haar