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Framer Framed

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30 Apr 2024
18:00 - 20:00

Launch: bean zine

Drop by to Framer Framed on 30 April for the launch of bean zine, the first publication from the social and agricultural project the land, founded by Jessie Breslau and Elise de Jong. During this launch event there will be readings from the publication and an offering of different bean-based snacks.

The bean zine is a publication entirely devoted to the bean and the sense of community it can embody. Beans are a nutritious and filling staple food, but in their humility often overlooked. The stories in bean zine address more positive attributes to the bean, such as familiarity, safety, nostalgia and a sense of security. Seeing as beans are a staple in many food cultures, Jessie Breslau and Elise de Jong researched the different ways in which beans offer nourishment – in both a literal and figurative sense. Their research resulted in the publication of bean zine, which aims to share the positive feelings associated with beans. The recipes and stories in bean zine can be read as either light-hearted or more serious instructions on how to take care of yourself and others through the creation of a meal.

bean zine is the first publication by the land, an experiment that weaves together agroecological and community building practices. With this project, Breslau and de Jong aim to build relationships through and around food in the form of workshops, dinners and events. During the launch event the founders will offer an overview of their labour, delving deeper into their collective practice and ethos. Agriculturalist Luke Stark will offer a reading of his own work and Breslau and de Jong will offer readings of works by Antonio Vincenzo Sotgiu, Jean Ni and Cassidy McKenna, writer and researcher Juliana Gallego and designer Sophia Dorfsman. Visitors can also enjoy some bean-based snacks, made from recipes in the zine. Donations are appreciated, but not obligatory.

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18:00 – 18:30 | Welcome
18:30 – 19:15 | Reading
19:15 – 20:00 | Snacks and drinks

Framer Framed is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; Municipality of Amsterdam; and VriendenLoterij Fonds.

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