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Home is a story you carry on your back

16 Jun 2022
19:00 - 20:30

Home is a story you carry on your back

We would like to invite you to a special storytelling evening on the 16th of June where a community of storytellers from ASKV PAO-Amsterdam will be presenting their own storytelling performances at Framer Framed.

Everyone in Amsterdam has a different story. These are the folk stories we learned at our grandmothers’ and fathers’ feet before we came here. 

Featuring tellers of folk stories from Nigeria, Eritrea, Niger, Iran and Saudi Arabia, we share the roots of our people in a celebration of the culture that comes here to live in Amsterdam. All the tellers in the performance have participated in the 6-week programme Home is a story you carry on your back run for undocumented migrants by ASKV PAO. During unsteady times, the course provides a refuge where they could express, enjoy art and remember their culture with pride.

This project creates an inclusive place of welcome that invites selected participants to develop stories from their home culture. In doing so they’re able to experience a sense of community while remembering the values they bring with them from home.

This event is free and in English.
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ASKV / Steunpunt Vluchtelingen
There are hardly any facilities in the Netherlands for undocumented refugees who can’t or dare to return to their homeland. Amsterdams Solidariteits Komitee Vluchtelingen (ASKV) and Steunpunt Vluchtelingen were established in 1987 to fill this gap. In 1997, they merged to form ASKV/Steunpunt Vluchtelingen and in 2019, ASKV started PAO – Project Activiteiten Ongedocumenteerden (Project Activities for Undocumented People).

The storytelling evening is part of the ASKV PAO program, where a group of participants trained to tell stories together with storyteller Simon Hodges. Framer Framed is hosting the presentation of the course in its venue in cooperation with the ASKV PAO. ASKV PAO organises day activities, practical learning paths and courses that allow undocumented refugees to work towards a realistic future. The participants gain skills in furniture making, cutting, web design, sewing, bicycle repair and much more.

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Home is a story you carry on your back
Folktales from Niger, Nigeria, Iran & St. Eustatius
Home is a story you carry on your back
ASKV PAO Storytelling Evening: Folk tales of where we’re from


Simon Hodges

Simon Hodges